Texas Electrical and Solar is a different kind of provider of solar energy services.

While there are all types of solar companies doing business here in our area, there is only one company like us.

We’ve been in the electrical services business for over 30 years.  Because we have deep roots in our industry, we offer a complete menu of services so that your installation is done right, start to finish.

Our turn arounds time is also considerably shorter than average. That’s because we do the job in house instead of using subcontractors.

Many of the companies currently offering solar panel installation do just that – source and install solar panels. Period.


However, very few installations are that simple. Only a knowledgeable consultant, backed by the training and years of experience, can accurately manage a project this complex.

Here are just a few examples of what’s involved in the installation

Home Energy Solar Working with you to determine your energy needs year in and year out
Solar Power Evaluating your roof lines, the amount of sun received each day and other factors to design your panel system
Solar Panel Systems Contacting the company who provides your electric power about the inspections they require for connecting your solar panels to their system.
Home Solar Taxes Submitting a diagram of the proposed connection for approval
Free Installation After the installation is completed, your power company will install a meter and connect you to the grid.

Did you know that solar panel installers put holes in your roof? That’s a job you don’t want to entrust to inexperienced crews! Because of our expertise, we know how to minimize the impact on your roof, and we know all the necessary steps to make the installation secure.

Our TES experts will:

Solar System Inspect your roof before we start
Residential Solar Some solar rebate programs require that a certified installer do the work
Taxes Solar Arranging for and making the necessary repairs or install a new roof if needed



You can see that there are plenty of opportunities for the process to get stalled along the way. Time is money, and you want to get your moneysaving system up and running as quickly as possible.


  • That’s why you want to choose TES for your solar panel system. We don’t stop your project because of issues with the roof or other household systems.

    We have all the licensed professionals required for any job already part of our team!

  • Solar System Taxes Licensed general contractors
    Home Solar USA Licensed electricians
    Solar Plumbers
      • Licensed plumbers



Our customers all agree – whether you have a small, simple job or one that is complex, we are the company that gets it done right the first time.

Could be that’s why we’re the 3rd largest, and fastest growing, solar company in Texas!