Why is residential solar growing by leaps and bound? Because more and more Texas homeowners are discovering how easy and affordable installing residential solar panels can be.

Do you notice solar panels your neighbors have installed and wondered if adding solar panels to your home would help your family manage their energy cost more effectively?

Most likely, the answer is yes!

Here are the top three ways that installing solar panels can benefit Texas families:

Free Electricity When you place solar panels on your roof, you start converting the sun’s abundant, free energy into electricity to power your home.
Solar Systems Many homeowners find that they qualify for rebates, incentives and a tax deduction.
Solar Energy System You contribute to the growth of cleaner, sustainable energy and a cleaner, healthier environment.

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Taxes Solar We help you determine your energy needs
Commercial Solar You will get information about the investment in residential solar panels for your home
TES Residential Solar If you decide that TES Residential Solar services are right for you, you will get a written estimate
With TES solar, there’s no pressure and no surprises. Only high quality, professional solar electric installation.