If you are ready to upgrade your home to solar, there may be financial incentives that can increase the ROI on this valuable investment even sooner!

Federal Tax Credits

The 30% Federal Tax Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has been extended for 2017! For homeowners who qualify, the cost of installing residential solar can reduce taxes owed. Talk to your tax consultant to find out how you might benefit!

State Wide Benefit

Because Texas has no state income tax, there are no state level income tax deduction for solar!


However, while your solar panels will instantly increase the resale value of your home, the increased value from solar will be excluded from your next appraisal because of the Real Estate Tax Abatement for Solar Upgrade recently adopted in Austin.

Other Incentives

Electric power utilities are offering rebates to help consumers get a faster return on their solar investment. Contact your provider to find out what they have to offer.